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Thursday, June 28th, 2007
2:35 am
and now, a brief resurrection of this community....
So I went to Annapolis the other weekend for the Navy graduation to watch a friend get commissioned. The Navy Band played about 40 Sousa songs before the ceremony started. I wanted to kill myself.

Afterwards, we ran around in the gift store on the Naval Academy campus. My friend Jake came up to me with hands behind his back.
"Julie! I've found two CDs for you. Pick one!" He brings one hand around, saying, "We've got 'Great Marches By John Philip Sousa'," as I shudder. He brings his other hand around, saying, "and we've got 'Great Marches Not By John Philip Sousa'!"

The name of the CD really was 'Great Marches Not By John Philip Sousa.' I almost bought it, just for the principle of it! Whomever thought up that CD should be knighted.
Sunday, November 6th, 2005
2:31 pm
What a bad day in history. Not only was the inventor of saxophones born, but JOHN PHILLIP SOUSA.

Who's with me to make and burn an effigy of each??
Thursday, January 27th, 2005
9:32 pm
Oh yeah. I forgot.

--Stars and Stripes...our 'theme song'
--George Washington Bicentennial
--Fairest of the Fair
--Bullets and Bayonets
--El Capitan
--Gladiator March
--High School Cadets
--Washington Post
--Manhattan Beach
--Glory of the Yankee Navy
--Keeping Step With The Union
--Liberty Bell
--Naval Reserve
--On Parade
--Rifle Regiment
--Sabre and Spurs
--Semper Fedelis
--The Thunderer
--Who's Who In Navy Blue
--Tales of a Traveler
--Last Days of Pompeii

Ahhhhh. It's so disturbing.
9:25 pm
This is the ABSOLUTE greatest thing on earth. I am a Sousa hater, while my band director is a Sousa obsessor. We sightread a new march by Sousa at least 5 times a week for symponic band. For marching band according to him our theme song/his absolute favorite song is "Stars and Stripes Forever". That song will be eternally etched into my mind, even after I graduate from high school. He has HUGE picture of Sousa above where he conducts, maybe one day I'll take a picture of it and post it.
We're a "military band"...our uniforms vaguely represent the uniform JPS is wearing in his pictures...It's a scary thing. Yeah, we're a really good band not to be stuck up or anything, I just think that all of Sousa's music just needs to be burned in a BIG bonfire. Anyone with me?
Tuesday, January 11th, 2005
9:17 am
I just have to say that this is the best thing I've ever heard of. It should be awared the Nobel Prize!

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Monday, January 10th, 2005
10:53 pm
Hi, I'm generally a lurker.. but I really hate sousa so anyway..
I'm Britta a second year ed major at Manchester College and my students will be playing a sousa march once every four years if i can help it.. (I wish it could be less)

anyway here's an amusing story from last year that helped me create my icon i have...

During band last year our band director made us play the march from his opera and during rehearsal one day one of the senior horn players made a sign that had sousa in a circle with a cross (like the no smoking sign) with 'this message brought to you by the french horns against upbeats foundation' and put them on our stands so he could see them... the entire band spent the rest of the rehearsal snickering at it...

At the end of the year my band director left and so we made him a shirt with this same thing and had all the horn players still on campus sign it for him... and he wore it for our last performance.. it was really amusing..
8:38 pm
i was just recommended to this community and i love you people. the best idea ever.

my director is all psyched cause it's the 150th anniversary of something sousa so we're gauranteed to play at least one sousa march this year. i just hope it's not for festival, cause that means a whole lotta sousa.

we're currently reading The Fairest of the Fair, and guess what? oh yeah, just like all the other sousa marches. who woulda thought? man, not even the melody is good.
Friday, May 31st, 2002
12:08 am
i got the repetoire list for the next orchestra concert and guess what? NO SOUSA! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!

We have to play somthign by john williams, but its not sousa and it not a march so thats's not bad (besides its star wars). the whoel list is william tell overture, lohengrin(wagner), and ...ohh yes....tchaikovsky's 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ohhh yesss

all toped off with no sousa or marches :)
Saturday, May 4th, 2002
4:21 pm
Holy crap, Liberty Bell again!!!!!!
But I'm Drum Major so I don't have to play it. I knew there was something good about this job.
Thursday, February 21st, 2002
10:56 pm
darn money..our orchestra director has decided to make us play sousa in addition to all the other stuiff we are playign by real composers. just to appease the audience so they will give more money and keep us in business.....danr money. will some one invent a tiem machine so i cna go back in time and shoot sousa in the face many times, that way i won't hafta play his dumb non-music
Friday, December 28th, 2001
10:09 pm
Say hello to the newbie! ^_~
THIS community is an awesome idea. I laughed my @$$ off when I read some of these entries.

I'm not a horn player, not even a brass player, but I've had to play Sousa and I honestly think it is the worst crap I've ever had to play! LOL, sorry, it feels SO good to get that out ^_~

Thanks to whoever started this community!

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Monday, December 24th, 2001
10:21 pm
This is the greatest thing I've ever seen! Daniel, thanks for being a member or I never would have noticed it.

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Sunday, November 11th, 2001
12:55 am
I switched the pic to something fresh and new, I hope everyone likes it.

I haven't had to play any marches since last summer. Yeah!
Thursday, September 13th, 2001
9:30 pm
We are playing a FIlmore march in W.E. It's so much fun because I love playing offbeats.

Oh, wait, I forgot... I don't.

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Wednesday, September 5th, 2001
6:06 am
Hello everyone, I'm a new member. I have no talent at all, but I've studied musicology for a while. My hatred of Sousa goes back about a year, when my alarm clock radio was accidentally set to the catholic archdiocese radio station. I woke up to a sappy arrangement of "Danke Shone, Baby" for mezzo-soprano and strings. Then the geriatric announcer came on and said "It's eight o'clock, and you know what that means: we like to start our mornings with a rousing march!"

Then the Sousa began. The physical scars are gone, but the mental scars will never leave me.
Tuesday, September 4th, 2001
10:33 pm
Hello, My name is Karen and I hate Sousa.
I am going to use this community as a place to vent...a support group.

I'm currently in a local pops orchestra in New Jersey. I wasn't a music major in college, but I love playing in groups, so I joined an orchestra near me that was close to my ability level.

Unfortunately, we play Sousa. Quite a bit of it. I look down...shamed.

When I was in high school, I played cymbals and bells in the marching band. Unfortunately, we played a whole season's routine of Sousa. As you can see, the scars run deep.

Can you help me? I'm holding years of hostility.

On another note, my main instruments are piano and violin. Anyone from S. Jersey?
Monday, September 3rd, 2001
12:16 am
Hello from another horn-player
I must say I concur to this spawning of hate-posting towards J.P.

I came across this recently. I believe in this little speech he made, he also should have added, "I also enjoy torturing innocent instrumentalists to the most excruciating capacity, causing their ear canals to rot and decay from the revolting and tedious parts I provide them. Among other hobbies such as eating small children and dancing around a fire with a pitchfork chanting pagan songs"

Good riddance to J.P. Satan.

Current Mood: well this was fun
Saturday, July 28th, 2001
1:46 am
I just played a concert tonight, and there was way too much J.P. Satan on the program. Not only that, but also Fillmore and J. Strauss Jr. All those crappy composers in one concert. Darn it. Well, I suppose I should unviel my genious plan. Travel across the country to find J.P. Sousa's grave, and desecrate it. Maybe I'll defecate on his tombstone, or dance to drum and bass on his grave, or burn a candle while chanting hatred mantras in German, while listening to good music, like Brahms, R. Strauss, or Mahler.

Ich hasse Ballard. Ich hasse Sousa. Ich hasse Strauss.

Mmm, Brahms.

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