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and now, a brief resurrection of this community....

So I went to Annapolis the other weekend for the Navy graduation to watch a friend get commissioned. The Navy Band played about 40 Sousa songs before the ceremony started. I wanted to kill myself.

Afterwards, we ran around in the gift store on the Naval Academy campus. My friend Jake came up to me with hands behind his back.
"Julie! I've found two CDs for you. Pick one!" He brings one hand around, saying, "We've got 'Great Marches By John Philip Sousa'," as I shudder. He brings his other hand around, saying, "and we've got 'Great Marches Not By John Philip Sousa'!"

The name of the CD really was 'Great Marches Not By John Philip Sousa.' I almost bought it, just for the principle of it! Whomever thought up that CD should be knighted.
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